Have you ever experienced life with closed eyes?
I recently undergone surgery on my right eye which meant that I had to keep the eye closed with an eye patch for 48-hours. This resulted in two-days of experiencing life with minimal vision as my left eye only has 20% visibility. Before the procedure I became aware of a subtle sense of fear. I knew it had something to do with the eye procedure but I also knew it was not that I was scared about the procedure itself. On deeper reflection I realised I was scared to not be able to rely on sight as a way of engaging with life, work and relationships. In essence I was scared to be vulnerable.

At the end the procedure was a success and I was pleasantly surprised by the richness of living life with closed minimum sight. Reflecting back, I see a pattern that usually the magic waits for me on the other end of fear. However, I need to be willing to face the fear, open myself up to the process and allow it (not my head or eyes in this case) to show me the way, even if it means being vulnerable.

With the opening of both my eyes at dawn of day three, three poem were revealed before my eyes. It was as if it had waited for me to go through the process. I would like to share one of them with you.

To see

What a gift to see the unveiling of the morning,
as the protea bush softly changes into yellow-green
as the ocean breeze gently sway with the innocent white curtains by the open window.

The dove takes flight from the tree after a good night’s nest
The bees eagerly start to work at the openhearted pink flowers by your window
The light starts to slowly creep into the room unveiling what have been hidden in the night.

And you meet yourself anew on this day,
as you look into the bathroom mirror
as you see the eyes that are looking back at you.

There is a familiarity and a knowing that you’ve changed during the night.
The face that reflects back at you is not the same
as the one you saw in the same mirror the night before.

As the forgiving dawn-light of the morning draws across your unwashed face
It unveils the secret of life –
you don’t need eyes to see.

– Gretha Cronje

Questions to reflect on: What different way of being can you embody, in your personal and professional life, to enable you to see others and yourself in a new way?

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