At the end of 2016 I wrote a blog to focus on the space. In the current context of social distancing I was reminded again of the importance of space. That space in itself is a gift. Even if it feels like distancing or disconnecting from the people we love. The following words came to me as I sat with space this morning.

Love is space

The soul need space to be cared for.
The unconscious need space to surface and be fully seen.
The mind need space to calm down and become aware.
Emotions need space to be felt completely and to flow through.
The body need space to release tension and heal.

Relationships require space for trust to grow.
Knowledge require space to turn into wisdom.
Unhealthy habits require space to be changed.
Sorrow and regret require space to be mourned.
Death require space to be buried.

Nature need space to grow and be.
The in-breath need space before the out-breath.
Dreams and goals need space to reach for.
Imagination need space to create.
Lovers need space to yearn for.

Space is necessary.
Space is consciousness.
Space is companionship.
Space is life.
Space is love.

Healing question: How can you allow the space to love you and the ones you care deeply for?

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