All the lockdown laws that are trying to construct our lives within safely defined zones got me to reflect on edges and the impact of this on my felt sense of aliveness. The more the period of confinement was prolonged, the more I became aware of certain edges within me. Not only the physical edges of my body that yearned to move more freely outdoors but also my emotional and mental edges. I also became aware of the “rebellious” side of me that wanted to live more on the edge and feel the blood pumping through my veins. I realised that the more I allowed and accepted that part of me and created “edgy” spaces for it to play, the more I was willing to face up to other important responsibilities in my life in a more wholesome way.

Life is full of various edges. An edge can literally be defined as the outside limit of a surface or object. Such as walking to the edge of a jetty to look over the far horizon over the vast ocean or standing on the edge of a cliff to look down to the valley deep below. An edge can also refer to the sharpened side of a knife or the tipping point before something significant occurs (e.g. edge of economic recession). A superior factor can provide an edge over others. An intense striking quality can bring an edge to music.

Edges are visible or invisible dividers that mirrors the paradoxical polarities of life. Edges cut through to the core of our appetite for risk. When one stand on the edge of a high cliff you can sense the energetic tension between life and death within your body. Edges ask of us is to bring our full attention to something, to be in the moment and to wake up to the choice we need to make. 

In a way it feels as if certain aspects of life (as we’ve constructed it) is on the edge right now.  We are all also standing on different literal or figurative edges. Life is asking us to start to face up them. To take the risk to live more on the edge will most probably throw us in robust vulnerability. However, it will also awaken the creative life force needed to not only regenerate our own life but also reconstruct a more inclusive society.   What are your edges?

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