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I am Gretha Cronje, but you can call me Gretha and I’m a PCC Certified Integral Coach through the UCT Graduate School of Business’ Centre for Coaching and USA-based New Ventures West. I am affiliated and PCC (professional coach) credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)*. I also mentor and educate coaches in training.

*The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the only globally recognised, independent credentialing body for coach practitioners.

This is who I am

Through my coaching work and my own historical process of becoming, I have seen that the more we integrate or connect on various levels, the more we can live in a more harmonious way with ourselves, others and the environment. Those levels are cognitive, emotional, somatic, reIational and spiritual.

I truly believe now that integral coaching does help develop the capacity of people to meet in the field that Rumi writes about (on my homepage), where it becomes possible, through coaching, to live and work in a more sustainable, co-created and integrated way.

In 2019 in Rwanda I had a longed-for experience with the silverback gorillas. In their presence I felt fundamentally moved by the non-duality of life and a natural sense of connection on all five of those levels. I understood clearly that I had chosen to be in the service of the world.

The meaning my life has been given through this and my journey confirms that I want to give that wholeness to others through fully integral coaching.

Who are you?

The roots I draw from are diverse

I’ve an MA Psychology and a B Compt Honours. I’m a certified Enneagram practitioner, a coaching-circle facilitator and a depth facilitator. I also completed the Playing Big Facilitators’ Training for Coaches in support of women’s empowerment. To deepen my interest in the mind-body connection, I completed courses in Leadership Embodiment, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Power of Embodied Transformation,

I’ve published many psychology articles in peer-reviewed journals.

I’m an avid advocate of diversity, believing it adds a depth and richness to life and the workplace.

I began a career as an audit article trainee at PWC, exposing me to a broad client base and experience in the corporate environment. Then I worked at Stellenbosch University, my last position being that of Deputy Director: Student Fees and Debtors. A career of over 15 years in accounting and leadership built me a solid foundation for developing employee potential and evoking excellence.

I have experience of facilitating diverse workshops with multi-cultural teams, in the private and public sectors. I’ve gained wonderful experience from working with people from extremely different walks of life. I’ve coached numerous national and international clients, across diverse industries and have proved my expertise on EU-funded projects.

But the real value that I bring is my resilience and the compassionate understanding I gained from life’s experience.



24 Dunkley Street, Dunkley Square, Cape Town, 8001

Western Cape, South Africa

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Professional Certified Coach
ENNEA International
Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner

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