‘Employee engagement and well-being are the two major factors that influence employee performance’. Gallup   

What consulting services do I offer?

My aim is to stimulate creativity and out of the box thinking.

Methods include the use of storytelling, colouring, drawing and creating mindfulness (self awareness of our actions and thoughts). I coach both one on one or by developing workshops for teams based on the following strategic areas of your business:


Employee engagement

  • Establish effective communication and build trust.
  • Gain insight about what motivates individuals.
  • Align each individual’s values & vision  with those of the company.


  • Integrate work/life goals and purposes with mind, body and heart.
  • Tools for coping with stress and change.
  • Make employees feel recognised and valued.

Women Leadership

  • Step out of your comfort zone (or fear) and lead courageously.
  • Create what you want in your life and at work.
  • Powerfully communicate to others and effectively deal with feedback.