Gretha challenged me to explore the prospects of changing from within, and then wisely guided me to do so and through that I am already reaping the rewards of what I naturally and truly am. I am especially grateful to her for creating an environment for me to rediscover life, be fascinated with it again and appreciate the privilege to experience it. (Project Engineer & Aspirant Entrepreneur)

Gretha is very approachable, honest, always positive and boosts one’s confidence with her practical and hands-on advice on how to tackle everyday issues. She gave me some great tips, ideas, thoughts, viewpoints etc that I will carry along for the rest of my life.  (Lecturer at Stellenbosch University)

If you do not speak openly, you will not find the perspectives you need to understand your situation better or learn how to handle the current situation you are facing. Gretha help me through my hardship in a manner I feel was constructive and positive and has enabled me to face my fears and reality of my situation. Whatever your situation is ,embrace it openly. (Head of Marketing of a Technology Company)


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